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Former President Mr. Jimmy Carter with Fernando, during his visit to Patagonia.

Owner & Head Fishing Guide

I started fishing Patagonian Rivers and lakes at a very young age with my Dad.

I caught my first fish when I was six and since then I have been hooked to what I call “the fishing disease“.


That disease made me overextend my fishing activities all year around, so when the trout season ends, I start “Chasing Gold” fishing for one of the most braves, strongest, acrobatic and beautiful fresh water species, our native and national fish.....the Golden Dorado.


My fly fishing passion drives me to different countries and every water was an unforgettable experience.


I love fishing in fresh water, like in salt water, from Tierra del Fuego and North Patagonia to all Argentine, Chile, Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, Cuba and the US.