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Welcome to HOOK & GOLD Outfitters

Hook & Gold Outfitters has born after years of planning and scouting, looking for the concoction of good fishing, amazing landscape and Hospitality quality, transforming your fishing trip in a cultural experience.
More than 20 years guiding in Argentina gurantees our services .
Hook & Gold Outfitters promotes exclusively fly fishing, our policy is catch and release, we strogly believe that this is the best tool we have to preserve and sustain our fishery resource through time.
Hook & Gold Outfitters Fresh Water Golden Dorados Fly Fishing Specialist.


The Golden Dorado is also called the Tiger of the River or Pirayu by the natives, it's Argentinas national fish. Known for its superb fighting spirit, with acrobatic leaps, powerful strikes, and line stretching runs.



The Corriente and Parana Rivers, with Deltas, lagoons and streams, form a unique habitat, with the best waters, full of bait fish, where the Golden Dorado avidly hunt.



Fernando more than 20 years guiding in Patagonia and 15 years fishing Golden Dorado in Argentina and Uruguay,  established Hook & Gold Outfitters, offering all his knowledge making your fishing trip a remarkable and unforgettable experience.